Utah Pictures from 3/99

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Wintergreen Pictures from 3/18/99

2 Babes on 2 Boards...Jenn and Kristin

Me with a Mach 11 heelside turn on my board (action)

Raja skiing on diamonds at Wintergreen (action)

Jenn showing her stuff on her snowboard (action)

Kristin's first time on a snowboard...yeah she's doing diamonds (action)

NH Pictures from 12/98

Me snowboarding in NH with a frontside carve (action)

Laura at the top of Wildcat with Mt. Washginton/Tuckermans in the background

Same as above except me in the pic

Mt. Washington/Tuckermans Ravine Pictures from 5/17/98

Me skiing down some decieving steep terrain (action)

Me and my sister, Lynn, standing at the base of the Bowl

Me half-way through the 3.5 hour, 4000 vertical foot, hike to the bowl

Lynn and I on skis at the base of the bowl

Colorado Pictures from 3/98

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Utah Pictures from 3/97

My dad at Deer Valley in some powder (action)

My sister, Lynn, stuck in several feet of powder at Brighton

Me at Deer Valley in some nice snow (action)

Killington Pictures

My dad and I bottom of Superstar doing some summer skiing..June 21st, 1997!

Laura skiing on a snowy, dreary day (action)

Me boarding on the same day (action)

My friend Josh thinking he can board :) (action)

Josh and I on boards with ice wall as background

Waterville Valley, NH Pictures

Laura's first NE ski trip (action)

Lynn showing her stuff (action)

Rare pic of my Mom skiing :) (action)

All Other Pictures

My 1st ever pair of skis at Big Boulder, PA on 1/79

Laura's 1st time on a snowboard at Massanutten, VA (action)

Laura doing a nice carve that same day (action)

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