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(version 04.29.99)
DATE     VENUE/CITY                                                 TIME    SOURCE    GEN.   RATING

05/17/97 Wyndham Country Club - Richmond, VA [CD]  130m        SBD                            A-

05/13/92 Floodzone - Richmond, VA                                  90m        SBD                              A
05/26/92 Trax - Charlottesville, VA                                     90m        SBD                              A-
07/08/92 Floodzone - Richmond, VA                                180m        SBD                              A
12/31/92 Omni Hotel - Richmond, VA                               180m        SBD                             A
01/12/93 Floodzone - Richmond, VA                                  90m        SBD                              A-
03/23/93 Trax - Charlottesville, VA                                   180m        SBD                              A
08/10/93 Floodzone - Richmond, VA                                180m        SBD                              A-
10/01/93 Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC                               90m        SBD                              A-
10/15/93 Hampden-Sydney College  - H-S, VA                  90m        SBD                              A
11/10/93 Floodzone - Richmond, VA                                  90m        AUD                              B+
12/31/93 Richmond Marriott - Richmond, VA                    180m        SBD                              A
02/25/94 Prothro Commons - Sweet Briar, VA                  180m        SBD                              A-
04/26/94 Towne Point Park - Norfolk, VA                           90m        SBD                             A
07/28/94 Irving Plaza - New York, NY                               180m       SBD                              A
07/30/94 Brown's Island - Richmond, VA                              90m      SBD                              A
08/12/94 Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC                                135m      SBD                             A-
11/20/94 Marriott Ballroom - Vail, CO                                120m      SBD                              A
01/26/95 Memorial Auditorium - Burlington, VT                     90m      SBD                              A
02/15/95 Carpenter Center - Richmond, VA  (w/ the Richmond Symphony)    90 min  AUD     A-
02/23/95 Rosemont Ballroom - New York, NY                    180m      SBD                             A
02/24/95 Rosemont Ballroom - New York, NY                    180m      SBD                             A
08/15/95 Red Rocks - Denver, CO                                      132m       SBD                             A
12/31/96 Hampton Col. - Hampton, VA                               180m       SBD                             A
06/03/97 Classic Amphitheater  - Richmond, VA                  180m       DAT                             A
06/08/97 Meadows Music Theater - Hartford, CT                180m       DAT                             A-
06/11/97 Jones Beach - Wantaugh, NY                                180m        DAT                            A
06/19/97 Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA                  180m        DAT                            A
06/20/97 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre - Raleigh, NC             180m        DAT                            A
07/02/97 Red Rocks - Denver, CO                                      180m         DAT            3             A
07/10/97 Portland Meadows - Portland, OR                         180m        DAT                           A
04/21/98 The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA                                180m         DAT                           A
05/02/98 Bell Pavilion - Montreal, Quebec                           180m         DAT                            A
05/05/98 Arrow Hall - Toronto, Ontario                               150m         SBD                            A
05/15/98 Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA                       180m         DAT                            A
05/20/98 Irvine Meadows - Irvine, CA                                 180m         DAT                            A
05/24/98 Red Rocks - Denver, CO                                      180m         DAT                            A
05/30/98 Alpine Valley - E. Troy, WI                                   180m         DAT                            A
06/03/98 Star Lake Amphitheater  -  Pittsburgh, PA              180m         DAT                           A
06/05/98 Foxboro Stadium - Foxboro, MA                          180m         DAT                           A
06/07/98 Giants' Stadium - E. Rutherford, NJ                        180m         DAT                           A
07/22/98 VA Beach Amphitheater  - Va Beach, VA             150m         DAT            M            A
07/24/98 Blockbuster Pavilion - Camden, NJ                        180m         DAT                           A
07/25/98 Blockbuster Pavilion - Camden, NJ                        180m         DAT                           A
VARIOUS: European Compilation - Holland, Italy, etc.          62m         SBD                            A

01/29/94 Wetlands Preserve - New York, NY                     130m          SBD                           A
02/19/96 UNH - Durham, NH                                              180m         DAT                           A
02/06/97 Burgess Auditorium - Blacksburg, VA                    180m         SBD                           A
02/08/97 Memorial Auditorium - Spartansburg, SC                147m        SBD                           A
02/13/97 Mercer Theater - Savannah, GA                             180m         DAT                          A-
01/19/99 Landmark Theater  - Richmond, VA                       210m         DAT            M           A-

04/18/99 - William and Mary Music Festival - VA (3 songs)[CD] 15m     DAT          M           A

10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon Theatre - Chicago, IL                    270m      SBD?                       A

05/13/95 Star Lake Amphitheatre - Pittsburgh, PA                    120m     DAT           1             A-

11/08/95 The White Rabbit - Austin, TX                                      90m       SBD                         A
02/15/96 The Brewery - Raleigh, NC                                           90m       SBD                         A

Rare boot:
-Hootie and the Blowfish: 1986/7 (3rd/4th gig ever; lots of cover songs)
 Golden Spur, South Carolina - 45m  AUD  1  B+
Extremely rare boot, may be the only one out there:
-VA Symphony performing Led Zeppelin w special guest Randy Johnson: 9/14/95
 Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Virginia - 90m  AUD  Master  B

= I use Maxell XLII 90m tapes 95% of the time.  Please use type II tapes.
= I do not copy tape on high-speed dub nor do I use Dolby unless requested,
   I please ask that you do not also.
= Grading is subjective, if you find a show that is graded too high or too
    low, just let me know.
= Times for shows are estimated.
= If I know the generation, it's listed, if it's blank, I don't know it!
= Please send -cases- and -setlists- with tapes.
= Bands in RED are the bands I am willing to trade for.

People I have traded with successfully lately (within 3 years) = Mike = Ross = Dan = Josh = Cole = Jeff = David  = Dana = Nico = Frank = Corey = John

These people are all good traders that I have traded tapes/dats/cds to
in the past 3 years.  I have hundreds of other email references, but some
are so old they probably wouldn't remember me anyway!  Most people
know me as U2GreekGod, not skivrmt or Marc if asking for references.