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Started 2nd year of medical school on August 17th, 1998, so I'm done taping and trading. As a reference guide, I added "THE" U2 list on this webpage. Of course I do not own any of the tapes or cds listed. It is a reference guide only, and use it as such to see what exists out there and in what quality. :) Also added is a non-U2 live recordings list of bands that allow recording that I own. If anyone has any PAT MCGEE BAND boots, please email me. Thanks!!
Won't be answering and checking much email when school gets going, and please don't email asking for trades and what not, I am done...for now. Thanks!
NEWS BIT: I recently got engaged to Laura, my lovely girlfriend, on April 18th, 1998. Our wedding is June 1999! :)


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