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Utah Pictures from 3/98

Me doing a backscratcher Brighton (action)

George with..hmmm...jump at Solitude (action)

Snowbird group pic

Funny pic, an intermediate, George (top), and Laura (expert) in same pic both smiling and skiing! (action)

George watching me to learn a few things :) (action)

George after watching me for awhile looking oh so pretty (action)

Me going down a steep chute at Snowbasin (action)

Part 2 of above (action)

Part 3 of above (action)

Kristin at least has her "brain bucket" on so her parents would be happy

It's a good thing she does have her helmet on (as she perfects the ass slide at Mach 3)

Beth and my Dad wondering what the hell is wrong with George and I :)

Me at the top of Alfs High Rustler at Alta

Laura and I skiing down Alfs and Alta with some fresh stuff (action)

George in a bad chute at Alta...can you find him?! (action)

George makes in out alive from the chute...find both his skis :) (action)

Me with a spread eagle at Solitude (action)

5 of us at the top of Snowbird on a picture perfect day

Cole skiing at Solitude (action)

Matt skiing at Solitude (action)

Beth skiing at Solitude (action)

George with his patented knee-bend daffy (action)

Kristin going down a very steep chute at Brighton (action)

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