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Links to my Personal Pics!

My Dad in Deer Valley, UT
Not too bad for an old guy!
Me in Deer Valley, UT
What a great powder day!
Me in a T-shirt skiing at Killington
It was the middle of May and 70 degrees!
Laura, my fiancee, on my old race snowboard
Her first time, how she was most of the day, without the smile though!
Laura carving on my board that same day
Must have been a lucky pic!
Laura skiing in Killington
Our x-mas vacation in Jan '97
Me, on my new Burton race board, sittin' in the powder
Killington, Jan '97, good snow!
Me doing a toe-side carve on my board
Yes, we had lots of snow at Killington!
Bunch of my friends drunk at a party, yes, we're 21! :)
From left to right: Nadine, Bob, Me, Josh, Tom, Dave, Dave, Beth, Jeff
Me doing a heel-side carve at Killington
Not too bad camera work for unprofessionals!
My sister, Lynn, at Solitude UT
Do you think she's stuck in a couple feet of fresh powder?!
Top of Killington in Jan '97
Josh, Laura, Me, and Beth, good bunch of friends
Lynn again, this time in Waterville Valley, NH
Supposedly she's gotten better! :)
My friend Josh snowboarding
His old board, he now uses my old board!

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